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In addition to having a charming design aesthetic, our products are made using natural, eco-friendly materials which is representative of our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious practices. For as long as we can remember, craftsmanship has always been a part of our culture. Not only does the age-old tradition of handcrafting products preserve our heritage, it makes each piece of décor unique in its own way.

Holiday Carnival

We usually tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right colour scheme – they have the ability to set the mood of rooms in unique ways. Festivals are all about bright hues that exude happiness and warmth. Inspired by the holiday season, our range of elegant and vivid pieces are the perfect accessories to create an ambiance that is warm and welcoming.

Modern Details

There is more to modern style than neutral hues and minimalist décor. Contemporary design in today’s time demands a balance between clean lines and cosy accents. From curtains to cushions, every piece of home décor is crafted with a unique texture, sure to amplify the beauty of your home interiors.

Monochrome Splash

When it comes to interiors, a monochromatic colour scheme is the simplest way to create a harmonious space. Nothing can beat the elegance of black, whites and greys – a combination that blends perfectly while each hue maintains its striking individuality. Geotextiles and woven fabrics add an exquisitely pleasant and cosy vibe to home furnishings. The monochromatic palette combined with textured fabrics adds a versatile look, enhancing the charm of the product and your space.

Indoor Is The New Outdoor

Woven fabrics radiate warmth while creating a space that has a fun, relaxing and interesting vibe to it. Choose from our novel range of woven furnishings and decoratives that combine textures, colours and patterns – giving each piece a chic and elegant finish. A calm and serene ambiance is all you need to recover from a stressful and tiresome day; and this range of furnishings and decoratives is the perfect way to spruce up your space.

Glitter, Sparkle & All Miracle

At Natraj Home Furnishings, we are committed to creating beautifully handcrafted home décor that lasts for generations to come. Furnishings inspired by nature with earthy, natural tones and a touch of gold adds a subtle and elegant appeal to any room. Handmade with an eye for detail, these timeless pieces are an all-time favourite!



Combining traditional processes with innovative technology, we aim to create products that ensure not only precision and perfection in design, but a piece that tells a story!

50 Shades Of Rainbow

Aztec prints when combined with bright hues and varying textures showcase the best our rich and traditional design along with a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Embracing a trend that never seems to fade, these multi-coloured pieces liven up any space instantly!

Blush On Tales

Patchwork décor is a creative way to add colour while giving your space an urban look and feel. Combining soothing textures with a balance of vivid and subtle colours, each piece crafted by our skilled craftsmen is a unique accessory designed to add a warm yet contemporary charm.

From crafting table linens and making curtains to re-upholstering an old sofa set - choosing an interesting, beautiful fabric can make all the difference. We offer more than 20 fabric options under one roof. Choose from cotton, velvet, organza, tissue organza, organdie and more to customise décor in line with your design aesthetics. What’s more, our wide spectrum of fabric and décor can be combined to create a space that truly reflects you.

20+ Fabric

Faces & Phases Of Indigo

Rich, dark and full of drama, Indigo as a shade, has a strong personality that spans over time periods and styles. A hue so versatile, it goes well with pretty much any colour and can match almost any style – from minimalistic to glam! Extracted from the ‘Indigo’ plant, this colour is incorporated to the beautiful, handmade decoratives designed by our team of skilled artisans. Indigo is a bold colour that emanates peace and tranquility, the perfect addition to create a serene space.

Flora & Fauna

Taking inspiration from nature, here’s presenting our collection of home décor featuring playful prints and distinctive motifs with exotic flowers and animals. Accentuate your room with décor that features delicate floral illustrations and animal prints for a space that screams beauty!


Innovation and creativity are the two qualities that we pride on. Rather than following popular styles that are making waves, we ideate, forecast and incorporate trends that will dominate home décor designs in the time that follows.

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